Dude’s Diesel Performance, LLC is family owned and operated by Clayton and Jordan Ensminger. It is not only a blessing from God, but a dream come true for Clayton.

It all started when his father Ray B. Ensminger gave him a diesel as his first truck. Ever since that day, he was hooked! He knew he would never drive anything but a diesel. He grew up, as did his love and passion for modifying anything he could on his “first baby”. The moment he realized his dream truck was forming before his eyes, he knew what he wanted to do!

Henceforth, Dude’s Diesel Performance, LLC became a mission. A mission to help others, like him, build up their trucks, off-road and just about anything with four wheels.

We are beyond blessed to have gained the mentors and the lifelong friends we made along this journey. The opportunities we have been given is nothing short of a miracle that only God could have handed us. To those that have provided their support and helped make this dream a possibility, we can’t thank you enough! Y’all are not just considered as friends, but family.

In loving memory of my amazing father, Ray Bob Ensminger (9/8/55-11/17/09)

Special thanks go to my mother Vicki Ensminger, for always pushing me to my full potential. If it wasn’t for her I would never have had pursued this dream.